ITRP_reporting includes audit records

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Many customers asked whether the automator is involved in our ITRP_reporting solution or not. No. We use our PowerShell framework to populate the SQL database. Right now, this is the most efficient and effective technology for that purpose.

Audit records

Audit records can not be exported by using the ITRP standard export functionality. Audit data need to be exported via the API. This is the newest capability of our reporting solution.

For what purpose do you need the audit records?


  • How often have tickets changed assignments / Service Instances?
    • If your Service Desk follows a “Capture, structure, solve or assign (change the Service Instance in ITRP)” approach, it tells you how well the Service Desk performs in terms of narrow the issue down to the root cause, when they structure the ticket
  • How often has a ticket being touched?
    • Depending on detailed data this could be an indicator of working not efficient or people are simply not trying to solve the ticket in one go.

Easy to generate standard dashboards

Our PowerShell framework normalizes the database automatically, including the audit tables. Based on that easy to use structure it is easy to generate dashboards in PowerBI or another tool of your choice instantly.


Product sheet



5 ITRP add-ons you can’t miss


Driven by practicability

The automator is one very important component of our add-on portfolio. Many, many things can be done with the automator. Adding additional capabilities to ITRP, automation of advanced workflows, integration of a wide range of applications are just some features of the automator.

However, we always use the most practical technology to develop add-ons. For our Active Directory integrations for example we use PowerShell. For our, in the meanwhile, quite unique ITRP_Reporting solution we developed extensive PowerShell and SQL scripts so that you can use the “normalized” database instantly for your PowerBI and Excel reports.

Over the years we refined our add-ons and customers appreciate especially the quality and reliability of our solutions.

The must have ITRP add-ons offer a set of unique solutions.

  • Active Directory integration – not just a bunch of PowerShell Scripts but carefully integrated features to reduce administration and maintenance to a minimum
  • Automator – not just a development server that stays in a datacenter with the hope for reliability
  • Webshop – Requesting items can’t get easier for End-Users
  • ITRP_Reporting – use the “normalized” database in PowerBI and update data several times a day
  • ITRP Test 2 Production (ITRP_T2P) – In development, but released soon. This is what you need if you are tired reconfiguring the same workflows that you already configured in the Sandbox environment.


Interested? Register for a free “bundle demo”. BTW the registration is of course a service the automator provides. Data gets stored in ITRP…