4me – Snow integration


With the help of the automator the integration of Snow assets into the 4me CMDB is efficient and effective. Snow itself is capable of sending emails to a specific email address out of the box.

So, how does sending an email out of Snow helps?

  1. The assets to integrate are attached in a csv file
    Snow sends an email with a csv attachment (Snow csv report) containing about 10000 items – example of one project.
  2. The automator reads the csv file
    The csv file gets parsed by the automator. The automator then checks if a certain item already exists. If yes, it updates the item. If no, it creates the item. Further personal assets like assigned computers are automatically linked to the correct user. The effect is that within 4me the support agent knows instantly what CIs belong to a specific user.
  3. Risk mitigation
    The automator sends a status mail to 4me. This mail creates a ticket about the outcome of the transfer.


  • 1 automator package
  • 3 days of development




4me broadcasts – simplified



4me provides broadcast messages. To create a broadcast, a member with a role needs to go to the settings console, broadcasts and add a broadcast message. Furthermore the agent needs to be in the correct account – directory account or one of the support domains. This is useful whenever staff members with roles need to inform others.

The situation

For some organizations it is important that users in Self Service can spread information fast without involving the Service Desk. That way others are instantly informed.

An example

Your company builds a new production plant in a remote area. Many people go on-site. To make life easier for others, you want to spread messages via Self Service. “Take road A and not B”, “use hotel C and not D”. These kind of messages seem not to be important but we were told that it makes a huge difference for people going there.

The concept

In Self-Service we added a button “New broadcast”. The button opens a simple form.


A request is created. Now the automator comes in. This simple package is handling the creation of the broadcast message:


The output

In Self Service and in the staff environment the broadcasts are visible.