5 ITRP add-ons you can’t miss


Driven by practicability

The automator is one very important component of our add-on portfolio. Many, many things can be done with the automator. Adding additional capabilities to ITRP, automation of advanced workflows, integration of a wide range of applications are just some features of the automator.

However, we always use the most practical technology to develop add-ons. For our Active Directory integrations for example we use PowerShell. For our, in the meanwhile, quite unique ITRP_Reporting solution we developed extensive PowerShell and SQL scripts so that you can use the “normalized” database instantly for your PowerBI and Excel reports.

Over the years we refined our add-ons and customers appreciate especially the quality and reliability of our solutions.

The must have ITRP add-ons offer a set of unique solutions.

  • Active Directory integration – not just a bunch of PowerShell Scripts but carefully integrated features to reduce administration and maintenance to a minimum
  • Automator – not just a development server that stays in a datacenter with the hope for reliability
  • Webshop – Requesting items can’t get easier for End-Users
  • ITRP_Reporting – use the “normalized” database in PowerBI and update data several times a day
  • ITRP Test 2 Production (ITRP_T2P) – In development, but released soon. This is what you need if you are tired reconfiguring the same workflows that you already configured in the Sandbox environment.


Interested? Register for a free “bundle demo”. BTW the registration is of course a service the automator provides. Data gets stored in ITRP…


Structured surveys in ITRP


Some ITRP customers start engaging with Business Intelligence and need to get structured feedback from users to cover the customer’s perspective.


The service forms provide a simple way to collect structured data. The automator sends out a mail with a survey link on completion of every 10th request. The questions are defined in ITRP.



The answered questions are saved in the ITRP request’s custom data. This means that the feedback a requester sends is not anonymous (A blog post about anonymous  feedback by using SurveyMonkey will follow).


The techwork ITRP_reporting solution automatically provides normalized ready to use SQL fields and tables. You can instantly use the data in PowerBI, Excel or other Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions.





automator at a glance



The automator is a cloud based service with the purpose of simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment of automations. In terms of time customers report that the creation of automations is 50 to 70 % faster compared to a traditional approach.

Automations increase the efficiency and effectiveness of workflows because they get rid of manual interventions whenever no human decision making is required. Examples are automatic data lookups in other applications, the transfer of data from one application to another, automated updates and automated record creation.

Overview of interconnected systems by the automator


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